Richie & Roxanne Novel

The Richie & Roxanne series of novels starts with “Not Just A Girl” published as an eNovel in November, 2011. The novels concern the intertwined lives of Richie Firma and Roxanne Friend – a visitor from another planet. Their story begins in Rockwood, Colorado, USA, in 1986 when Roxanne arrives in a small landing craft on the rear of the property owned by Richie’s parents.


Roxanne’s mission is to bring the seeds of a new technology to Earth without her alien identity being found. She has come from a huge starship that is parked in a stationary orbit behind the planet Jupiter. She has trained long and hard for her mission and learned to speak English from films and television commercials and books brought back to the starship by earlier visitors.


After landing in Rockwood Roxanne discovers that a vital part of her navigating equipment aboard her spacecraft has disintegrated. She’ll have to use the technology she’s brought to build a replacement part if she is to have any chance of making her rendevous with the starship. To do that she’ll need the help of a willing scientist amongst the humans on Earth. Otherwise she will be marooned on Earth and may soon die from the prolonged effects of Earth’s environment.