Robert Champion Novels

I’m writing a series of crime novels starring private investigator Robert Champion. The first novel, Death of a Guru, was released in March 2012. I’m working on the second book in the series and will ePublish it later in 2012.
You can find out more about Death of a Guru on this site, including the first chapter. You can purchase an electronic copy of the first Robert Champion eNovel – Death of a Guru at Amazon at:
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doagnewebook5-23-2Robert Champion, a part-time detective and full-time book editor, flies to Colorado on Halloween to pick up the overdue manuscript for Kazi Dawa Sunin’s next book. Kazi Dawa is an Eastern guru and a bestselling author. On the night of Champion’s arrival he receives a phone call from the guru’s wife Katharine who tells Champion that the guru is lying dead at the foot of the main stairway in their mansion. To complicate matters, Katharine Lindsey Sunin was a movie star in an earlier life and Champion’s lover.
Katharine asks Champion to find out if her husband’s death was an accident or if he was murdered. At the same time no one can find the manuscript for the guru’s new book for which a $500,000 advance has been paid.
So begins Robert Champion’s search for the missing manuscript and clues to what happened to the guru on the mansion’s stairway on the night of Halloween. The story concludes in an open field in Colorado with Champion surrounded by thousands of people taking part in Kazi Dawa’s public cremation ceremony.