Death of a Guru

Death of a Guru is Robert Champion’s first crime novel. Champion is an editor with a large New York publishing company. He’s also been a reluctant but successful amateur detective.
In Death of a Guru Robert Champion interrupts his California vacation to fly to Colorado on Halloween to pick up the overdue manuscript written by the recent bestselling author and Eastern spiritual teacher, Kazi Dawa Sunin.
The guru has followers around the world and is married to Katharine Lindsey, a former movie actress and a woman from Champion’s past. Champion arrives late on Halloween night and receives a phone call at 3AM from Katharine summoning him to the guru’s mansion where Kazi Dawa lies dead at the bottom of a stairway.
Katharine asks Champion and he agrees to find out if her husband’s death was accidental or murder. As Champion hunts for the guru’s last book for which a $500,000 advance has been paid, he begins to uncover the events that led up to the guru’s death, all the while facing his past and his feelings for the woman he had tried to forget.
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