Insure to Murder

Insure to Murder
A Robert Champion Novel
by Reynold Akison



Private investigator Robert Champion is celebrating his third year in Nordhoff, a city located near the Central Coast of California, an hour’s drive north of Santa Barbara, when Sarah Wittern hires him to investigate the death of her mother.

Sarah Wittern – beautiful, rich, lonely – is attracted to Champion. Wolf, Champion’s Central Coast Native American associate, is there to help with the investigation and add his Native American wisdom. And Champion’s ex-girlfriend, Dani – a busy model and budding actress – also takes part in the investigation.

“Life settlements” – life insurance policies that old, sick policy holders sell investors who then collect the payouts when the insured dies – are a central part of the story. The investors must continue paying the insured’s premiums until the insured person dies. Life settlements may be the next big thing on Wall Street, and they involve almost as much risk as subprime mortgages.

Join Robert Champion as he discovers Wall Streets newest replacement for subprime investments. You can purchase/download Insure to Murder
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You can read the first chapter of Insure to Murder here on this website.

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